Terms & Conditions

All animals must be fully vaccinated.  Dogs against Distemper, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis.  Cats against cat flu.  A valid certificate must be produced before any animal can be admitted.

Whilst we do not insist on Infectious Bronchitis (kennel cough) immunisationb, you are recommended to consult your vet regarding protection particularly during times when the infection is prevalent.  Boarding without vaccination is at owner’s risk.  It should be noted however that treatment should be at least two weeks before entry to the kennels.

Details of any medical condition or vet consultation within the last 3 month should be declared at time of booking.


Boarding rates are charged on a full daily basis from the day of arrival to the day of departure. Half day reduction on day of departure only for collections before 10am.  Rates are confirmed at time of booking.  


Sharing can only be undertaken where animals are from the same ownership and on the agreement that should animals sharing begin to fight or upset one another, we reserve the right to separate the animals and therefore the owner is liable to extra cost.


The customer will pay all and any costs that occur during the stay of the animal whilst in the care of The Grange Cattery & Kennels and will pay all costs in full before any animal belonging to me may be collected from The Grange Cattery & Kennels.  No member of The Grange Cattery & Kennels will be held personally responsible for any ailments, injury or deaths that may occur during my animals stay at The Grange Cattery & Kennels.

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