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Hi! Welcome to The Grange Cattery & Kennels in sunny Cambridgshire


Sue and her team have a true love of animals, with a wealth of experience.  Almost anything with four legs has been cared for, owned by or enjoyed the countryside by one of the team.  Horses, dogs, alpacas, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, chickens (we know they have two legs...), squirrel monkeys and many more...  


Sue has now run the cattery and kennels for over ten years with many very happy and loyal customers, many of whom have become friends of the family.  We are very lucky that we are surrounded, by lush green countryside, can offer a wealth of calm and tranquility for your pets.  With an endless variety of walks and nature giving ever needed stimulation and well being to your pets.



All of our chalets look onto beautifully landscaped gardens with mature trees and shrubs.  As well as BBC Radio 2, nearby feeding stations are in place to attract insects, birds and squirrels that add to the entertainment.  We provide the very highest level of accommodation, equipped with individual lighting and thermostatically controlled heating. 


Ideal for all seasons, the light airy feel of the chalets are ideal for your pets in the summer, whilst in the winter, the double glazing and insulation keeps them warm and snug.  With access to their own run through a cat flap, the cats have freedom to choose during their stay.


Hygiene is of the utmost importance to us.  Each chalet is thoroughly disinfected between occupants.  We always ensure that their litter, if appropriate, is clean and tidied at all times.


We welcome you to bring along any beds, blankets, towels, old sweaters, toys, scratch posts or anything you think will make your cat feel more at home.


Our pet care is truly comprehensive and thus we maintain a stress free environment.  Our testimonials from delighted clients confirm the quality of our service.  Squirrels, butterflys and birds are timeless entertainment for the cats.


Prices 2019

One cat per day:    £8

Two cats sharing:    £12.50

Three cats sharing: £18

Four cats sharing:   £22.50


Please enquire for three or more cats or long term boards.








The kennels are individualy heated which allows us to control the temperature to suit each dog.  Each kennel has its own tiled and extensively shaded outdoor run and comfortable fully tiled heated sleeping quarters.  Accommodation offers spacious kennels including large double pens suitable for families of larger pooches, ensuring your pet receives the maximum amount of comfort.  Extensive human contact is a priority for us, to make your pet feel loved and cared for, making their stay less of an enternity.


The dogs have fresh water 24 hours a day and are fed dry, natural feeds to suit, unless otherwise requested.  You are more than welcome to bring your own, especially if your pet has a specific diet.  We can accomodate any dogs little, large, old or young, even with special requirements such as dogs on medication.


Dogs will be dogs and are not meant to mess the kennels but if they do, they are cleaned throughout the day. The main clean is first thing in the morning once all dogs have had their first run of the day.


Viewing is always recommended and welcomed, so we can meet, play and interact to help the settling in process. 


Prices 2019

One dog per day:    £14

Two dogs sharing:    £20

Three dogs sharing: £24

Four dogs sharing:   £28


Long-term boarding is also welcomed for your pets.  Contact us for prices.


With lovely open rolling countryside on our doorstep, there is endless rural walks at our disposal at NO extra charge!




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